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Vehicle rental procedure

 Car rental: From the first call to the keys to your  vehicle

Renting a car can be an exciting step for any traveler who wants the freedom to explore new destinations. However, the process leading up to getting behind the wheel and setting off on your journey can seem quite complicated. In this article, we'll explain the entire car rental process, from your first call to the moment you hold the keys in your hand.


1. Step: Planning and Finding a Rental Agency

Every trip starts with planning. First, you need to determine the destination, the date and time of the rental, and how long you will need the vehicle. Once you have this information, you can decide where to rent a car.

There are tons of websites and platforms online that allow you to check different car rental agencies and compare prices and rental terms. You can also call the agency directly if you have specific requests or questions.

Step 2: Call the Rental Agency

Once you have decided on the agency and the vehicle that suits your needs, the next step is to call the rental agency. Prepare all necessary information, such as personal documents, driver's license, credit card and additional documents required by the agency. Calling the agency is an opportunity to agree on all the details, including the price, duration of the rental and any additional services such as insurance.

3. Step: Vehicle reservation

Once you have agreed with the agency representative, it is time to reserve the vehicle. At this point, you will need to pay a deposit and determine a payment method. You will also need to provide information necessary to process the rental, such as your name, address and driver's license details.

The agency will also provide you with a confirmation of the reservation and emphasize when and where you can pick up the car and where you will return it.

4. Step: Taking over the Car

The day of taking over the car has arrived. Before taking over, check whether you have all the necessary documentation with you. Need driver's license, reservation confirmation and credit card to pay deposit or additional services.

When picking up the car, pay attention to any existing damage or scratches on the vehicle. Write them down or ask the agency representative to write them down to avoid any misunderstandings when returning the vehicle.

Once you own the vehicle, you become responsible for its use. This means that you must drive responsibly, follow traffic rules and regularly check the level of fuel and other fluids. Also pay attention to the rental conditions that you have agreed with the agency.

6. Step: Return of the Vehicle

When your trip is over, it's time to return the car. First, check where you need to return the vehicle. Take all your personal belongings out of the car and clean it and refuel if that was part of the deal.

Upon return, the agency representative will inspect the vehicle and check for possible damage. If  the vehicle is in the same condition as when you picked it up, you will get your deposit back.

Step 7: Payment and Completion

Finally, it's time to pay for the service. The agency will calculate the total rental price and issue you an invoice. Check it to make sure all charges are listed correctly.

When you have paid and completed all the formalities, you can leave the agency with the good feeling that you have successfully rented a car and used it safely. 


Renting a car can be a great choice for travelers who want more freedom and flexibility when exploring new destinations. It is also possible to rent a luxury or a slightly different vehicle can be a great surprise or the fulfillment of a long-standing desire to drive a certain type of car. By properly preparing and following the car rental process, you will be able to enjoy your trip carefree.